This is a veeeeeery simple game. You use space to jump and you have to avoid the waves. Simple enough right?


After failing to defend his sand castle on our previous instalment, our ~hero~, Octopedro, is forced away from his home on the ocean to the beach but he didn't had even enough time to build another castle before the ocean itself turned against them. Help Octopedro survive! His life is on the line!

This game started as a submission for Global Game Jam, even though I was frustrated that I wasn't able to attend in any of the local gatherings, I started a supposed pirate game for it. I wasn't able to finish it in time, but I still wanted to finish. It turned out pretty simple, but at least, it's still something.

As usual, if you feel like learning how I have implemented some of those things, my games are always open source, and you're free to consult and use it for stuff. If you could give me some credit or at least a shout out, it would be awesome.


Game by me

Art by manoelpdb

Lore and code stolen from ttfreire

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