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This game was a collaboration between me and Heloísa for a gamejam that happened our town. It was a great experience even though the whole game wasn't fully completed by the end of it, we had all minigames and only needed a few fixes to be able to publish something.

But this gamejam was kinda of the end of a cycle in the game development scene in Campinas since it was the last event organized by Anita. She organized monthly events that were really accessible and inclusive they got me in contact with many awesome people (including herself) and will be greatly missed.

The themes we got were "What is happening?", "Milk" and "My colors are different" which got us promptly thinking about minigame collection where you would collect colorful milk to make a rainbow milk, the most obvious choice.

The game is actually broken. Some minigames doesn't work and you don't actually collect milkshakes but hey, we tried.

The source code is available here: https://github.com/TheLouise/JogaTONA

Install instructions

Just download, extract and run. I think.


Rainbow Milkshake Win.zip 11 MB

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