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Void Ritual

This was one of my entres for Global Game Jam 2016, that I had the privilege to travel to Curitiba to attend on a live event. Since we had some issues and only one person could work on code at the time and I was the least experienced coder with the language (it was Unity and I had it installed the day before), I choose to act mainly as a consultant and doing other small tasks. So I had lot of free time so I decided to work on something else. Most of the code was reused from my last ludum dare game, which gave me a headstart but it did came out different enough for it to be it's own game and not just a copy. The theme was ritual and I actually came with the tie in to the theme after the main mechanics were through.


  • Arrows to move
  • R to restart
  • F to toggle fullscreen
  • Anything else is written on the game


  • You're a mage lusting for power and you just performed a ritual to open the Void and collect void stones.
  • As the Void pours in our reality the void monsters comes too.
  • But they're kinda lazy so they don't hurt you and just throw a fireball at you.
  • You need to survive the fireball onslaught and collect gems.
  • Collect gems, survive and attain the highest scores.


  • Retro looks!
  • Highscores!
  • Stupid sounds!
  • It's actually kinda fun!


  • The graphs may be an issue. I was trying to fix fullscreen proportions when I did what I did and I did actually like the aesthetics. You can always toggle fullscreen with F and then resize as you see fit.
  • Sound. My computer sound is messed up. So the volumes may be too low or too highr or different. Sorry about that but I don't have another pc to test stuff on currently.

More stuff

  • You can always check my high-tech site to see whatever links I have to stuff I'm doing.

Install instructions

Just download and run.


Void Ritual v2.exe 2 MB

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