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I needed to make a game each month for the one game a month challenge and last month I just didn't have anything in mind... Them I listened to one of the giantbomb e3 podcasts and I thought to myself: "Well, I could make a whale petting game... and put hats in it!" so here it is!

It's actually a very simple game. You can type in anything to pet the whale but if you enter specific words, silly thing happen! Like the whale using hats! Try typiing "hat" for a random hat and then discovering the code. Something like this

Aside from that, you can use ESC to quit and shift + R to restart the game!

The game is open source and you can check the code (and maybe even contribute to it?) (or just cheat and check all the hats and stuff) here.

I plan on adding maybe some progression and some (a lot?) of other hats!

I'm always open for feedback and suggestions! You can always reach me on Twitter or e-mail me at me at ardydo.com

Made withGameMaker: Studio

Install instructions

It's a single executable. Just download and play.


whale petting simulator.exe 2 MB


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Interesting concept, but there is a desperate lack of words and progression.  I could only get "hat", "whale", and "dog".

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Completely agree. There are very limited worlds and no progression at all. It's more a toy than a game. I initially planned working a lot more on it but unfortunately it didn't happen. You can always type in "hat" for a random hat that you may or not try guessing and if you're felling adventurous you could check the code for hats too.

All that said, I really appreciate you playing my game and taking your time to give me some feedback. Thank you very much!